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  • National School Counseling Week
    NCSCPS Congratulates the 2016 School Counselor of the Year and State Finalists!

    Congratulations to school counselors across the nation for helping students REACH HIGHER for an education beyond high school.


    School Counselors are critical stakeholders in increasing students' college and career readiness.

  • Host Your Own Convening

    Are you Interested in Hosting a Future White House Convening on School Counseling and College Advising?


    Watch a pre-recorder webinar on steps to apply.


    School counseling leaders from across the country attend the SDSU White House Convening


    A National Agenda focused on student outcomes and closing opportunity gaps


    Five critical areas for school counselors and college access professionals


    Common outcome metrics for student postsecondary success


    Driven and maintained through school counselor leadership with engaged strategic partnerships


The impetus for this consortium emerged in response to First Lady Michelle Obama's Reach Higher initiative and the call for improvements to school counseling and school-based college and career counseling systems. Beginning with two national convenings in collaboration with the White House's College Opportunity Agenda; this consortium has been established to carry the momentum of the 2014 introduction of Reach Higher initiative and the achievements that followed.

Latest News

SDSU White House Convening

Read about the history leading up to the second White House convening on Strengthening School Counseling and College Advising as well as highlights and outcomes.

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New Strategies to Serve Diverse Needs

School counselors work to get more students on the path to college.

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