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Intentionally creating postsecondary pathways for all students.

Effective practice that is based in research, fostered by pre-service and in-service training, and aligned with standards for school counselors and college access professionals has the most direct impact on whether or not all students access and succeed in  postsecondary education.

Practice is school- and community-level actions that intentionally create postsecondary pathways for all students, especially underserved populations.  It is the “doing of the work directly with students, families and schools” that builds the professional identity of school counselors and others delivering college and career services. This identity is deeply ingrained into daily roles, routines, and functions, while also encompassing the attitudes and beliefs to drive the postsecondary agenda.  School counseling and college advising practice can vary widely within a school district, state and across America.  Leadership and advocacy are core principles of effective school counselor and college advising practice. We believe that identifying the characteristics and actions of effective practice will contribute to the broadening of successful postsecondary outcomes.

The NCSCPS believes that effective practice is student-driven and student-focused. It is intentional, planned and specifically designed to identify, intervene, and systemically meet unique student needs.  Schools serve as readiness centers and practitioners must operate a data driven practice that is inclusive of student performance metrics and interventions to address the root causes of academic and non-academic barriers. Establishing effective school based practices is inclusive of all stakeholders, initiating internal and external partnership at all levels, Pre-K through 16.


The impetus for this consortium emerged in response to First Lady Michelle Obama's Reach Higher initiative and the call for improvements to school counseling and school-based college and career counseling systems. Beginning with two national convenings in collaboration with the White House's College Opportunity Agenda; this consortium has been established to carry the momentum of the 2014 introduction of Reach Higher initiative and the achievements that followed.

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