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Conceptual Framework

insight on the NCSCPS framework.

The NCSCPS framework exemplifies the view of creating a system where the relationships and outcomes between and among five critical areas for school counselors and college access professionals will be aligned and collaboratively implemented with established common outcome metrics for student postsecondary success. Uniquely, the collective inner portion of the framework will be driven and maintained through school counselor leadership with engaged strategic partnerships in order to reach equity in postsecondary results for all students.

School counselors, at all levels of education, play a critical role in supporting student postsecondary access and success. School counselor leadership is a critical link to a systemic solution to current inequities. School counselor leadership refers specifically to the set of skills and behaviors demonstrated by school counselors who take concrete actions within a collaborative systemic framework to mobilize and energize school communities, students, parents, and other school personnel to complete a set of measurable steps resulting in increased post-secondary opportunities for all youth. Engaged school counselor leadership drives a system of postsecondary planning that is outcome-based, equity-driven and collaborative. On the state and national level, school counselor leadership is needed to ensure practice, training, credentialing, policy and research are aligned to facilitate effective practice with young people. The NCSCPS is led by several former school counselors and counseling directors.

Strategic partnerships at all levels of education play a critical role in supporting student postsecondary access and success. Set within the context of the school, strategic partners on post-secondary teams led by school counselors are a means to achieve the school’s stated college and career goals. Such partnerships could include college access professionals, universities, businesses, local organizations and government agencies. At the national level, strategic partnerships are critical to bring all the needed resources and attention to the issues of postsecondary success for all. The NCSCPS represents diverse interests and organizations and engages with key stakeholders in school districts, states and other entities, for the purpose of collaborating and sharing resources to increase post secondary opportunities for youth.


The impetus for this consortium emerged in response to First Lady Michelle Obama's Reach Higher initiative and the call for improvements to school counseling and school-based college and career counseling systems. Beginning with two national convenings in collaboration with the White House's College Opportunity Agenda; this consortium has been established to carry the momentum of the 2014 introduction of Reach Higher initiative and the achievements that followed.

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